City Strolls.

Nothing beats the comfort and ease of soft cottons and worn denim. They're both staples in our wardrobes but sometimes the monochrome look needs a little bit extra. Adding in accents of colour and texture make everyday wears that little bit more interesting.

In and amongst our wardrobes are always a mixture of our favourite WA labels, but we would be lying to say we don’t turn to High St for a few basics like Target’s Lily Loves range.

Our essential picks.

Lou wears
Fremantle Market Clutch
Vintage Necklace

Holly wears

Pet. The Label Sunglasses

Bruug Boss Cap Tee 

Lily Loves By Target Boyfriend Rip Jeans

Bruug Clutch

Hobbs Boots

Photography thanks to Adam Nalapraya - check out this kid's work he has a fantastic eye


  • Tahnee says...

    New to the blogging scene, stumbled on yours and fell ass over tit.

    Great for inspo. cheers!!

    On Mar 04, 2015

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