What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Poppy Lissiman.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would have heard about superstar Poppy Lissiman and her psychedelic accessories. We are head over heels for pretty much everything this young lady creates.

So being two proud owners of Poppy Lissiman creations we can totally vouch that they complete every outfit and make our white t-shirts look high fashion.

Apparently the rest of the world also found out how amazing they are and have taken the Poppy Lissiman loving to a whole new level, that must be the most unreal feeling?! Is there someone that you died over when you saw them toting one of your bags?

I suppose the first time I saw a street style image of Leandra Medine (Man Repeller) with one of my clutches was pretty rewarding. 

I actually just yesterday sent some bags off to a pretty major celeb who requested some styles…if that follows through it will be next level amazing haha 

If you had to describe your bags in three words…

Individual, cruelty free.

Some of your designs feature inspiration from the ever-wonderful Clueless, do you have a favourite quote?

“You’re a virgin who can’t drive”

The collaboration with Hattie Stewart is a match made in heaven the bags just make us smile, how did it come about?

Like with most modern hook ups it started on social media. We were both following each other on instagram and got chatting one day; I swapped her some sunnies and clutch for one of her amazing prints. We kept in contact over email and just totally hit it off as mates; I put it to her about doing a collab even though I had never done one before (Hattie has previously worked with House of Holland, Adidas and Marc by Marc Jacobs). She was so easy to work with; the concepts came really fast with very few changes. It was a great experience. We are already talking about doing something together again down the track.

We heard on the grapevine that you love dinosaurs, please tell us there is a dino bag on it’s way?! 

I am definitely quite obsessed with dinosaurs (and sharks)… You would be amazed at how many designs are done and sampled that never make it to being put into production. I’m more selective than ever before about what I commit to producing. Because I don’t wholesale anymore its very different to sampling up a design, showing stores to garner interest and if no shops buys it its no big deal. Because I have to make the decision on going ahead and making a couple hundred of something before customers have even seen it then I am super conscious of making sure I only ever produce what I believe to be ‘best sellers’. 

Haha so in conclusion yes I have done some designed some dinosaur bags in the past but they weren't 100% up to standard for me… its a theme I want to revisit and commit to when I get it right. 

You have the most incredible style yourself, but do you have a muse or icon that you have in mind when designing?

I am sometimes quite selfish in that I think about what I like and what is missing from my own wardrobe… I don’t have a specific muse, there is a tonne of people who’s style I look to a lot that influences my designs a bit but no one specific.  

(Image by Jarrad Seng)

Living and working in Perth as a designer must have its challenges being that we are so isolated, but what is the best thing about our little town? 

We have a really supportive network of people here which is amazing. 

Is there anything coming up over the next few months in Perth that you’re excited about?

Looking forward to the WAFA’s next month. I am also away a little bit next month while I sample my next range of accessories, sampling a new collection is hands down one of my favourite parts of the year. 

(Street Style Snaps thanks to Tommy Ton for Style.com)

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  • jhon on

    I love Poppy, I think he is a very creative person who is committed to sustainable production. I just found his new collection of sunglasses and I find incredible:


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