Made For A Good Time.

 It was love at first sight with MADE and TBFS with the gorgeous packaging and tasty combos but what made us absolutely mad about these juices is chatting to founder Matt Glasford about the science and his motivation behind starting the brand. Cleanses are a great way to give your body a bit of a time out from all the toxins we put in it (hello Friday night drinks) and really re set your digestive system. While it takes a certain amount of will power to forgo food we always wake up the next morning a LOT easier without any caffeine so we really encourage anyone who has been considering it to give it a go! Read on for more information from Matt.
1. Where do you source your produce and ingredients from?

We source all our fruit and vegetables from local farmers and suppliers who work with Western Australian producers.

2. We're always looking for ways to calm a bloated gluten belly, can you give us a rundown of your favourite juice and how each ingredients benefits the drinker? (we did some stalking and saw that you're a celiac like us, cheers to an endless diet of rice)

I can never go past our Lemon juice to ease inflammation. Lemons are great for alkalising our bodies but they are also a diuretic. The Ginger is also a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient. After being ‘glutened’, getting the toxins out is the most important part in order to feel normal again so the Lemon Juice is perfect. It is also one of our lighter juices  - perfect for a full feeling,  bloated belly.

Our Roobios Tea is also great for a gluten belly. It contains high levels of flavonoids, especially one called quercetin. It has the ability to relieve numerous abdominal ailments such as cramps and indigestion. Flavonoids are known help to reduce spasm, inflammation and allergies which are often associated with celiac.

3. How does a one day cleanse help the body?

The main purpose and benefits of a cleanse is to give your digestive system a break and allow your body to expel toxins that build up due to poor diet and lack of exercise. Juice cleanses allow this to happen whilst also flooding your body with nutrient dense, raw, cold-pressed fruit and vegetables.

4. We always find there are hurdles trying to complete a cleanse in-between work & events, what are your tips? 

With one day cleanses we don’t find that this is not too much of a problem. We require 24 hours on orders so if you can see you’ve got a day where you don’t have commitments, its easy enough to jump online and have it delivered the next day.
Although not eating for a day or a longer  can sound like a daunting experience, most people find that they once they are actually doing a cleanse its a lot easier than expected. We have formulated the juices to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to  remain healthy. Our juices are 500ml, and with 6 juices a day so drinking 3 litres of juice can become quite a challenge in itself!
5. Your new ice tea pack looks amazing can you give us a bit more info?

We currently have 2 Iced Teas -  a Rooibos Tea, and a Green Tea. I’ve always enjoyed drinking iced teas over the summer as a light refreshing drink. Trouble is, most iced teas are loaded with sugar and actually make you dehydrated. We wanted to develop a light, refreshing version of ice tea that is healthy and nutritious. We do a six pack for delivery that you can order here  .
For more information on MADE and to order your own juices head to the website and get cleansing!

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