No Hard Feelings Project.

Prickles and concrete – not your ideal scenario but when it comes to home wares, it’s a match made in heaven. We spoke with the delightful No Hard Feelings team on our latest obsession… cactus and succulents in rad pots.

We are Loving the name – where did it come from?

We’re both suckers for puns and don’t really take ourselves too seriously, so we wanted a name that was a bit of fun and reflected that. We also didn’t want anything that was product-specific, so that we could start to introduce different materials and fresh designs in the future. After some woeful attempts at trying to rhyme words with aggregate and cement we came up with No Hard Feelings, and it just stuck!   

What inspired you to start NHF?

We bought a heap of succulents with the intention to plant them and couldn’t find what we wanted, so we played around with a few different concrete mixes and moulds (the first being a connoisseur ice cream container) and thought they were a little more in line with what would suit the home. It helps being an Interior Designer and an Architect coming up with different concepts. It was just a bit of fun for us initially, and our friends saw them and said they would love to buy them so here we are!

Any tips when it comes to styling your planter?

HOWEVER YOU LIKE! We have them everywhere! Being concrete we love that they the can go inside or outside. We specifically focused on cacti and succulents as they’re low maintenance so they could sit pretty much anywhere. They look super cute on a bedside and they make rad table centrepiece! Our clients have shown us a million different ways to use them which we love – keep them coming guys!

We don’t have the greenest thumbs any tips on how to care for the plants?

Neither do we! That’s why we use Succulents and Cacti – they’re pretty hard to kill. That said the most common mistake people make is overwatering succulents. If the leaves look wrinkly and droopy (kind of like your hands after a long bath) odds are the plants been overwatered. A mist of water every one or two weeks is more than sufficient for a succulent, but make sure to keep it out of the midday sun in summer as the leaves will burn. If it’s looking really unwell, take it out of the pot, brush the soil off the roots, and put it in a glass with a bit of water in the bottom for a day or two. Then repot it in fresh soil, and it should start to make a speedy recovery.

Cacti are practically impossible to kill. A bit of water here and there and some occasional sunlight, and you can’t really go wrong. Just watch out for the pricks as they WILL get you if you handle the cactus without gloves, as we have learnt the hard way. I recommend BBQ tongs for handling cacti.

Favourite drinks spot in Perth?

We can often be found getting around a few beverages at Juanitas, but lately it’s definitely been more of a ‘wine in the workshop’ sort of situation for us.

What are you most looking forward to?

We’re off to Europe in June to see our beautiful friends get hitched in Tuscany! We can’t WAIT!

What does 2015 hold for NHF?

We are focusing on using different materials incorporated in the concrete. We’ve already started using different oxides and we’d like to experiment with natural materials such as timber in 2015. We’ve drawn up custom moulds which we’re very excited to get made up after our trip!

Where can you get NHF?

We have a few different stockists around Perth – Et Seq Fashion, Harry + Gretel and Empire (Highgate, Claremont, Osbourne Park and Dunsborough). They have all been so supportive of our small business and we couldn’t be more grateful!

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