What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

How Ae'lkemi saved Lou's Wedding.

Some girls dream of their wedding day from when they are very little; from the venue to the dress, down to which designer bridal shoe they will wear.

I was never one of those girls. When Dan and I got engaged we tried to have a surprise wedding (before my big mouth got in the way) and gave ourselves 6 months to plan a big party for all our family and friends. When it came to dresses I had never cracked a wedding magazine but I remembered a Stone Cold Fox gown Holly and I had seen in a parade at Department earlier in the year and thought that would do the job nicely. It was the only dress I tried on during this 6 month engagement and I felt great in it, however I thought it could do with some small alterations so bundled it off to a dress maker to be altered.

Cut to the day before the wedding. My sisters and I had just got a relaxing mani pedi and I was feeling quite smug that all my organisation was rolling out nicely and we hadn't hit any severe issues yet. Next thing I know I am hysterically crying in the middle of the alterations shop as I look at my now 'murdered' (as Holly so eloquently put it) dress. But happily this isn't the end of the story.

With my mum and my sister working with the absolute angels at Coco and Lola to put a rack together of potential dresses, Holly got on the phone to Alvin from Ae'lkemi who was holding his shop open until we arrived. After a quick and teary pit stop at the bottle shop (it was serious wine and straw time) we headed to Claremont where we were greeted with a hug and dresses galore. Alvin is an absolute magician - his dresses are more than clothes, they are wearable art. The dress I chose was quickly altered for me while we waited in store and made me feel so beautiful that it had me feeling like this must have been fate.

As you know we always promote local on the blog and this experience really solidified that for me. The way the local fashion community rallied around to make sure I felt amazing on my wedding day is a true indication of just how supportive and wonderful our local designers and retailers are. Time and time again they go above and beyond to source, loan or create things for us and we are so grateful to them.

Special thanks also to Head Studio for giving me the gypsy bride hair of my dreams with curls that lasted well into the next day, Penni from Aussie Bombshell for tanning everyone to perfection and Queta for giving Holly and I brows that are actually visible in photos. Definitely check out these beauty picks for any special occasions or if you are just too lazy to get prettied up yourself.

Alvin, you are truly my fairy god father, thank you for turning this pumpkin into a princess for a day!

 Images by the talented Kai Ridley.

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  • Nadine on

    You looked absolutely flawless Lou! As you said, it sure was fate! <3

  • Jiawa on

    Omg I can’t imagine how stressful that would be. But that dress is absolute perfection!

    Beige Renegade

  • lou on

    Catriona you guys were so seriously amazing! xxx

  • Catriona on

    Glad you loved your hair, these pictures are stunning!
    your hairdresser ❤️

  • Alissa on

    Wow I had no idea of the drama! Nothing pumpkin about you Louisa, you’re princess through and through.

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