Tony, we have a problem.

Let’s talk about the law. As Prime Minister of Australia this is something I assume you are pretty well versed in. But I want to go a step further and talk about laws that were enacted by your predecessors and enforced by our judiciary. For example, women in Victoria did not get the right to vote until 1908 and were not afforded the chance to be elected into Parliament until 1923. Embarrassing, right? Or when Indigenous Australians were classed as fauna under the Flora and Fauna Act until 1967. Yes you did read that correctly; how mortifying.

Luckily, someone realized that these laws were ridiculous, offensive and outdated. They had the common sense to repeal or overturn them; but, unfortunately in today’s Parliament, that man who sits in the back row napping is clearly not doing his job because some of these crazy laws still exist. Did you know it is still illegal in Victoria to wear pink hot pants after noon on a Sunday? Or that all taxis are also still obligated to carry a bale of hay in their boot at all times. (Thank God for Uber #amiright). While the ‘mischief’ these laws were created to prevent have long become outdated and thus the laws remain unenforced; harmful and nonsensical laws do still exist and are enforced in Australia.

Quite frankly, Mr Abbot they are archaic and it is time for them to go.

Over the weekend Ireland voted via referendum to change their constitution and allow same sex marriage. We are lucky in Australia that marriage is not enshrined in our constitution and therefore we don’t need to go to all the time, effort and expenditure of holding a referendum to enact marriage equality into law. Our Australian Marriage Act was amended in 1994 by Jonny Howard who was obviously having a Frank Underwood moment for a second and is probably not having the time of his life now that his amendment is in contention. This amendment specified marriage as a union between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others and while I cannot fathom the need for this action it is a bit of a gift for you Tony. This is YOUR TIME TO SHINE.

Tony, you and I don’t really see eye to eye on a lot of issues but this is like a slam dunk in the approval polls. You have the opportunity to be the people’s champion on this issue and you would be silly not to take it.

Love is love. I implore you to think of your own marriage and the joy and happiness it has given you. Marriage is not all changing to a person but that commitment to another people is pretty special. To stand up and legally bind yourself to another is a huge responsibility and one that is taken all too lightly by some, but indeed is the prerogative of being an adult. So what rational argument can there be to not allow any consenting adult to feel the weight and joy of this responsibility?

The time has come to respect and recognize marriage equality in Australia; and Tony….even if it goes against your every moral fiber (which given your situation I highly doubt) this is your chance to be Australia’s 'cool mum', can you turn that down?

Thought not.

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