At Piece Label.

We’re a little obsessed with At Piece Label – and after chatting about the inspiration behind the latest collection She//Mood it’s fair to say we’ve fallen in love! Combing our two favorite cities Paris and New York, At Piece’s She//Mood is everything!

Talk us through the name At Piece?

Hey TBFS! The name At Piece arose from the feeling of contentment and readiness. At Piece- a reflection of how I felt about the APL world I had created. It’s a wonderful thing to do what you love!

We're loving the textures and fabrics in your latest range did you have a muse or era in mind in which you drew your influence?

I draw inspiration from the future, present and the past. I am a very minimalist person, I love fine quality fabrics and boyish style. The general aesthetic of the label is a refection of myself and the women who feel that less is more. Above trends and there is always quality, function and purpose. I like for all the pieces in the range to be real! I create pieces that the APL girl can wear all year round, year after year, decade after decade. The range builds and blends into the next. Touching on difference shapes, textures and finishes.

She//Mood came into fruition as a summary of all the wonderful women, moments and places I am inspired by. The range is a story of two girls who are polar opposites. She listens to jazz, she lives in Paris, reads on the metro, wakes up early and she’s always on time. She is the girl who everyone knows of and no one has met. She has a quiet elegance. She is an introvert with a strong sense of self and a natural beauty. Mood is a girl who wakes up late; she is a creature of the night. Currently residing in New York, Mood enjoys a few to many glasses of red, loud dinner parties with close friends. Mood is a 70s rock chic with messy hair who likes leather. Mood dresses for the girls, never for the boys. Mood is every girl’s best friend; Mood is magnetic- She//Mood is in every APL girl.

We're big fans of monochrome and simple cuts (very French capsule wardrobe essentials) what are your tips when it comes to styling the pieces?

I love to layer. I love to play on texture and shade. I think it’s important with every wardrobe to start with the essentials and build from there. Every girl needs a baggy shirt, oversized jacket and quality tee. Once you have the foundations of your wardrobe you can get creative, dress it up or dress it down. I love my black, white and grey! However its great to mix it up with shades. Colour is a great way to express yourself!

The oversized silhouettes have really caught our eye, is this a big trend for APL this season?

Oversized is going to be a constant for APL, this season my favorite APL oversized pieces would have to be the Bleu Denim Jacket and Bleu Baggy Denim Short! I wear these bad boys day and night! Double denim defiantly makes a statement!

What are your plans for APL, recently being stocked in Periscope is super exciting we love the store!  

I am very excited to be stocked In Periscope Clothing, I have been a fan of the Boutique for as long as I can remember! It is so amazing to see APL hanging next to the likes of Sylvester, LIFEwithBIRD, Primness and G.A! In the near future, At Piece and Periscope will have an APL Party so keep an eye out! APL is also stocked on the Clique Arcade and recently in Shop Kinobi; a stunning pop up boutique in Fitzroy Melbourne!

We can picture our selves wearing The Wool Coat and oversized Boyish turtle neck out in NYC what would your ideal 3 piece-layering combo be from the collection?

The Birkin Wool Coat in cold weather like NY is a must! I have been layering with the Marrow Linen Kimono; Bare Bones Dress in Faded Black over an APL Tank.

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