Get To Meet The Infamous Friends.

What do you get when you combine the perfect t-shirt with a tongue in cheek slogan? A TBFS wardrobe essential.

Introducing Infamous Friends and their second collection There Is Only One. Shot on an early Sunday morning at Bill's Bar and Bites, here is a little insight into the wonderful world of bogans, lucky bitches and those that are just plain coco loco.

Infamous Friends is a great name, tell us how you came up with it. 

The original idea was to create a one-off Bogan tee. We knew of a couple models who live and work overseas and they love playing the 'bogan' card when it comes to identifying with Australia. We know they're not your typical bogan, but we wanted to have some fun. We also wanted it to be a t-shirt design and style that they'd really want to wear! 

We then then looked to our other friends for inspiration and that's where Fashion Victim and Not Yet Famous came from, too. With so much inspiration to draw on, we needed a name for the label – and Infamous Friends was it! 

Infamous Friends Perth Fashion

What would you say makes a great tee?

We sourced close to 50 samples to try and find the right tee for Infamous Friends. None of them worked in regards to fabric or fit, so we styled our own. We then chose a quality fabric like Viscose to give tee a super soft, breathable, and luxurious feel. The end design is comfortable and it can be styled a million ways (just check out our Instagram to see for yourself - 

The slogans are great, what is the inspiration behind them? 

Our slogans are inspired by our own friends – and our friends aren't known for taking themselves too seriously. It's great to be able to laugh at yourself – and I think the people buying Infamous Friends relate to these slogans and also appreciate the irony in the label. 

Can we expect an infamous friends Homme soon?

Infamous Friends was founded by an east coast guy and a west coast girl, so there's at least one person between us who'd love an Infamous Friends tee for himself. But at this stage, we're just having way too much fun with our girlfriends.  

Infamous Friends Perth Fashion

What are your tips and tricks to style Infamous Friends? 

Depending on the slogan, I like to dress with a bit of irony. For example, take the Bogan tee and dress it up in something unexpected, like tailored pants, smart hat and heels. Or slip into the Fashion Victim and play this down with boyfriend denims, kicks and an oversized shirt. 

And finally, have you got a favourite or secret spot in Perth? 

The Rooftop Movies at the top of the Northbridge carpark. When my husband (and fellow Infamous Friends co-founder) first took me there, it was still a secret (I actually thought it strange that he'd ushered me into a carpark lift on date night). I loved the surprise when we got out! And with so many cool things happening in Perth right now, this 'secret' spot still gives me a great feeling about our city whenever I go back.

Infamous Friends Perth Fashion

If you're as obsessed as we are with the newest collection you can see the full range at the Infamous Friends website here. These campaign shots were shot by the talented Shift Creative team featuring models from Chadwick

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