May St Larder Soul Food Menu.

Give us a slow cooked anything and we are two happy gals, but team it with some NYC influences and we're in heaven. 

May Street Larder's new winter dinner menu is full of Soul Foods that are made to share over a rich red and topped off with pumpkin pie.

We opted for the pastrami and pickles for starters - after never tasting pickled carrots, it's official they're amazing especially accompanying the pastrami. The shrimp and grit was pretty as a picture and had a delicious crunchy bacon topping, bacon is a sure-fire way to win my heart. And lastly the desert, although there were no gluten free options, whenever near May Street the Cocowhip is always a must especially with vegan nutella on top! However, if you're one of lucky ones who can have gluten the pecan pie is heavenly.

The only draw back when it comes to american style food is the likes of buttermilk chicken wings are off limits for us gluten free people, but it did get the boys' tick of approval disappearing within about 30 seconds.

You can see the full winter menu here and make sure you book in before hand!

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