Jaime Lee - Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

So the bar is set pretty high when it comes to the spectacle that is Jaime Lee after her 2013 presentation, Light Magic. Well it's safe to say that although this year's show was a definite departure from the previous floral beauties we were not disappointed by the neon goodness at last night's Telstra Perth Fashion Festival show - I mean how could you be with glittering unicorns on skateboards?!

In trying to describe the collection there are no words that fit just right, it's almost as if the sass of Mean Girls met the personality of a Harajuku girl and they created one fierce rainbow love child. Speaking with Jaime Lee after the show, she mentioned that she was inspired by a recent trip to Tokyo in which she visited the Robot Cafe. This year marked a first for the Perth designer introducing a range of ready to wear items that are available at Enex 100's pop up Jaime Lee store where previously her collection were all couture. 

Highlights of the show included a solid playlist of Beyonce & Robyn along with sparkly backpacks and more rainbow glitter than Mardie Gras. It was also a refreshing change seeing the models channel Amber from Clueless with hair flicks and attitude that matched the personality of Jaime Lee's collection perfectly. Major shoutout to Grady Wulff who walked down the catwalk with so much swag everyone committed fashion's number one faux pas with a few wolf whistles, and really can you blame them?

TBFS' outfits for the night were styled by our good friend Mikey from Stylespiraton. 

Images by Stefan Gosatti and outfit by Kai Ridley 

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