Wheels & Dollbaby.


It had been 4 years since Wheels & Dollbaby had graced TPFF with a show and designer Melanie Greensmith did not disappoint.  The sold out show saw 700 guests seated along a 40m runway which was bathed in a soft peach lighting….much like its very own Valencia filter. We were treated to fresh oysters and champagne at the VIP bar prior to the show which set the scene for the decadent presentation.

Dita Von Teese  slunk out onto the runway to a dramatic orchestral piece that had been specifically created for the show before giving us a taste of why she is THE QUEEN of burlesque by the white piano at the end of her walk.

The pace then picked up with some of our favourite Perth faces (hola Gem Walsh, Katrina White and Maddie Mitchell) strutting down the runway in all their pin up perfection with 1930’s inspired hair and makeup looks directed  by MAC.

The majority of the show focused on Greensmith’s trademark sexy/tough juxtaposition, pairing revealing dresses with leather jackets in a look we know so well from the brand.

We loved the oriental chic vibe however it was alarming to see that most of the looks from this theme had ripped. Not sure if this was part of the presentation but it is something to consider before putting the collection into retail production.

There were some definite #girlgang vibes going down with the girls marching down the runway to ‘Hollaback girl” in military inspired jackets and adorable shorts.

Our favourite looks of the evening came from the evening wear showcase as Greensmith upped the glamour factor to 10000/10 and sent out her best dresses yet. We need to live in a world that where we can wear one of these gorgeous creations every day.

I think that every man in the room had his jaw on the ground by the time the lingerie came out. Balancing the line of sweet and sexy, this is definitely one to start dropping hints about to the lover in your life.

Dita then joined the models in a gold Lurex cardigan that is one of the 19 pieces she has created with Wheels & Dollbaby before being joined by designer Melanie in the ‘Patti Hansen’ dress from the collection to take a final walk.

Staying true to the brand, Greensmith made a triumphant if predictable return to the runway for TPFF2015. When you are onto a good thing you stick with it and Wheels & Dollbaby certainly brought the glamour and sex in spades for an exquisite closing night show.

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