What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Fashion Week Stylin' .

Fashion weeks are all about the clothes and Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015 was no exception. With big names like Akira and Jaimee Lee dominating the runway we knew we needed to bring our 'A' game.

Blog commitments and organising our first Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Event, Fashion Forward meant that we barely had time to sleep let alone shop!

Enter our Fashion Fairy Godfather - Mikey Walton from Stylespiration. Mikey is a close friend of ours and knows our personal style really well which meant we trusted him implicitly when he pulled a few looks which were outside our norm (usually being jeans and sneakers). Mikey sourced outfits from all over Perth, pulling together the perfect fashion week looks while mixing it through with our own pieces.

 While we adored every look (and found it very hard to give some of them back/not wear them every single day for the rest of our lives our favourite look had to be the look below, styled for the Jaimee Lee breakfast and David Downton Morning Tea. The matching elements in the look gave us an overall cohesive image while still playing to our individual preferences. Our total looks for the week can be found in our TPFF2015 show recaps.

To enquire about styling sessions with Mikey click here and leave your wardrobe in the hands of the master. 

(images by Beige Renegade)

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