What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

6 Jackets You Need For Winter.

As the temperature drops some complain about the departure of summer and the blistering temperatures however we are secretly exciting as it gives us a chance to layer up and explore the best jackets City of Perth had to offer. Below we have pulled together our top 6 jackets you need this winter.

The Faux Fur

There is a romance attached to fur jackets, it could be the associated glamour or simply that Sex and The City scene that saw Carrie effortlessly teaming a fur and PJs - who knows but one thing is for sure, give us a faux pink fur and we're ready for a date night.

Gorman fur

The Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have been around for decades, what was once a simplistic silhouette in past seasons have now become a main focal point of winter dressing. Teamed with some simple blue denim for contrast, the embellishments on this winter's leathers have elevated this tried and tested coat. 

Available at Hatch by Wheels & Dollbaby

The Printed Coat

Some love it, some hate it but leopard print has found its way into our wardrobe for the cold nights. One of those prints which are likely to be girl appreciated and questioned by the boys, but it adds a little colour and texture to what can otherwise be a rather dull layer.

Gorman Leopard Coat 

The Trench

The fail-safe trench - universally appreciated with cult status there is a reason this coat receives so much love. In simple and neutral tones a trench compliments nearly every outfit. It provides a streamlined silhouette and doesn't carry the bulk a lot of other winter coats create. 

Trench by H&M, Denim jacket by Gstar Raw

The Bomber Jacket

Re-introduced to the world in Gucci's recent collections this androgynous jacket can toughen up a feminine skirt perfect for a night out.

Bomber by H&M

The New Classic

This classic coat is updated with a pop of colour to bring it on trend. Worked just as well with jeans and tee for brunch as it does over a smart dress for the evening.

Jacket by Decjuba

Whatever your preference is this winter City of Perth has you covered!

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