What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Dropping Dollars, Is Retail Therapy A Thing?

With just a few weeks left of 2015 you know the self-reflecting and enlightened status are about to start rolling in. So I began thinking about my own year and what has been. There have been some very big changes, a lot of celebrations but also just as many quiet nights-in in front of Netflix eating my feelings. However, my wardrobe seems to have had a winner of a year.

It’s a bit like, you do something good – treat yo self, but then you have a bummer of a day and need something to cheer yourself back up. Life is boring – I know a new pair of shoes will eradicate the void that was Monday. Case in point, sitting in my office two weeks after I had had an operation and some lovely butter yellow sneakers show up via DHL. Thanks?

Very confused I assumed maybe they were a gift for the blog, according to our emails that is a negative, rather what had happened was in my post-op drug fuelled delirium I had thought they were the bee’s knees. Intoxicated me must have been onto something as I have since fallen in love with them, but it got me questioning wether or not this is a real thing, or if I need to bring it up with my therapist. Is retail therapy a real solution?

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While my bank account is in the corner hurting, I have been on the hunt to justify this habit and ladies, your welcome.

Like always, google has the answers and provided me with many academic and psychology journals that confirm dropping dollars to improve your mood is actually worth while. Not only that, it showed that although impulse tendencies were higher when you’re stressed, there was no reason to suggest those whim buys would leave you with shopper’s regret. So what the world is telling you, is be free and go find something pretty for the weekend.

However, spending frequently on fast fashion isn’t the most calculated investment strategy nor is it sustainable. Raf Simons leaving Dior isn’t the first and won’t be the last indicator that the fashion world is taking a stance against the relentless schedule of seasons and pressures of fast turn around. So the next time you’re feeling the itch to go and buy something I suggest

  1. Call a friend. If your bestie thinks it’s a good idea at least she will feel obliged to eat two minute noodles with you if you can’t afford food for a month.
  2. Is there an occasion coming up that you can wear said item to? For me I’m off to NYC in January, so I have now accumulated 5 new jumpers thanks to exam period.
  3. Is this a one season wonder? To avoid having to start a #SaveRafSimons campaign think about the piece, is it a treasure that will last, or is it destined for the Salvos store in a few weeks?
  4. Start a fund. This is kind of like being your own sugar daddy, every time you want to spend a few dollars on an item that hasn’t satisfied the above, put the money into a piggy bank and spend big on something special.

And with that, go out and enjoy those Boxing Day sales.

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  • Nadine on

    Great article! I must admit I did have a little cry in a Parisian cafe when I could not afford the Valentino shoes I wanted – but I like you’re tip of starting a fund much better than future Nads paying for it!! Xxx

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