What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Fringe Benefits

If your January started anything like ours it went from happily coasting along choosing whether to hit the beach or the bar each day to being unceremoniously dumped back into that god awful place called ‘The Real World’ where we had to work for a living and breakfast mimosas were frowned upon.

If this is you never fear, Fringe Festival starts on Friday and there is a lot to do to inject a little more holiday into your days. With a seemingly endless variety of shows you are sure to find one that suits you, no matter how much your humour offend others while playing Cards Against Humanity.

Heady summer nights are the backdrop for an adult carnival vibe which hosts everything from mermaids to fire breathers and everything in between. Below are our top 5 picks for the season so book a ticket and we will see you at the bar for a TGIF (or TGIMonday – we don’t judge) drink and some high class and sometimes low brow entertainment.

1. La Soiree

We were lucky enough to see this last year and it is rude and funny and breathtaking – but maybe don’t take your mum.

2. Alan Anderson: Whisky for Dafties

Impress your boss or future in laws by ditching the Passion Pop and learning about one of our favourite spirits, Whisky. Alan Anderson takes you through the history and comedy of this spirit while you get to sit there and sample it’s delights.

3. Limbo

Circus time! In case you were entertaining thoughts of running away from your corporate career to join the circus – don’t send that resignation email until you see what these talented kids can do. Spoiler – there is a reason you sit at a desk and they do not.

4. 100% Chicken Free – Matt Hale Comedy Hypnotist

Because it is always funny to watch people get hypnotised. Just try and sit up the back.

5. Crap Music Rave Party

Because MMM Bop really needs a revival.

Head to the Fringe website to check out all the other pop up goodness on offer and tailor you next month’s entertainment.

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