Haters Gonna Hate

A few months ago we had a photo shoot. While the style was a little out of our comfort zone one of the things we love about fashion is its ability to push the boundaries and we each adored our looks and would gladly wear it again.

During the course of the shoot a street photographer approached us and asked to take our picture which later popped up on various social media platforms. When we found the images we scanned the comment section and were disconcerted to find a couple of quite negative comments (even from people we knew remotely from uni). It started a discussion where we had to take a pause and second guess ourselves and whether what we had done was in fact what we were aiming to do.

Overall the answer came back a resounding yes.

That’s the beauty of self-expression. When we were shooting we felt excited and joyful about what we were creating because it was quite far from the laid back ‘boyfriend shirt’ style that we have become known for. And these people, feeling so strongly about OUR self-expression, chose to indulge in bullying behaviour secure in the incorrect assumption that it would never reach us. And conversely their comments really only added to our high from the shoot as we had wanted to push our boundaries and evidentially been successful in doing so.

Said images were subsequently picked up for publication in a magazine so any small fragile part of our egos were soothed however it begs a bigger question. Why do we let faceless, nameless people impact what gives us happiness. If something makes you happy then why does it matter what anyone else thinks? Want to knit sweaters for cats? Go for it! Really feeling green hair? Why not take the plunge?

We are (in true form) a bit late with our “new year new me” post but our promise to you guys this year is to joyfully create happiness through The Boyfriend Shirt. We have pretty big plans and a few changes forecasted but we promise you that we won’t be deterred by any naysayers (even if it is the annoying internal ones we all have) or be too scared if our dreams feel too big – we are going to go for it, push our boundaries (whether blog related or in how much cheese we can eat) and bring you the best year yet.

So, what makes you happy? And what are you gonna do about it? Let us know.

H & L xx

  • Ashleigh says...

    You go girls!

    I think as creatives we have all been there and had people say nasty things about us/our work , but the best part is how we come out of it by putting a positive spin on it, eh?! I’m so excited to see what you have in store for the year! Haters gonna hate, but we all know you’re awesome ;)

    Ashleigh x

    On Feb 01, 2016

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