What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

New York, New York.

In the wise words of Carrie Bradshaw, New York is the perfect date. Hidden around every corner in Brooklyn was a local speakeasy; Soho’s independent art galleries dished up mulled wine soft serve – need we say more; and no one is going to deny Manhattan’s charm.

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While the attractions & bars of New York are more than enough to satisfy wanderlust for a few months, the draw of Fall Winter showings at NYFW was just too much to resist. Delpozzo’s romantic and feminine colours and silhouettes were an enchanting change from the white snow and concrete walls outside. While Michael Kors’ refined 70s collection was a surprising highlight.  
new york fashion week top of the rocknew york fashion week Brooklyn Bridge
Flying from Perth to NYC is literally travelling across the globe, the two cities couldn't be farther apart. With such a huge schedule and back to back meetings lined up arriving sleep deprived and let's face it, looking like death wasn't going to be ideal. Lucky for us, we were treated to the award winning Etihad service which was perfection with champagne & extra pillows. If you have to travel across that many timezones in so little hours Etihad would be our pick as we were thoroughly looked after from start to finish and it made the huge commute a dream.
The Row NYC on 44th & 8th was the perfect base for the busy week and after being newly renovated our stay couldn’t have been more perfect. Major points were scored by the inhouse pop up food stalls that played host to the one and Dough Donuts – which fast became a staple food group. The WiFi is impeccable - a rare thing in hotels and the staff were super helpful not only with arranging transport during NYFW but also recommending the coolest places to hang out.
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For now, goodbye New York - we will be back.

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