"Bruug (brōōg) adj

Is the modern woman who knows not to take life too seriously.  This woman is often characterised by the following statements:

CONFIDENT & CHIC – or can fake it, even on a bad hair day
HUMOROUS – knows that a sense of humour will get her through anything and isn’t afraid to make fun of herself
AMBITIOUS – works hard to play hard"


And the creative mind behind the label; Tash Butler is nothing short of what her brand is all about. We sat down with Tash over a bottle of wine and some delicious treats to gossip and chat about all things Perth, fashion and most importantly, Bruug.
What are your biggest influences?
My interior design background really helps and I know that sounds a little bit strange but you learn a lot of principals about how to create something that complements all its surroundings and I've taken that with me. I couldn't design a kitchen without seeing the rest of the house, and its the same with Brugg, I couldn't design a t-shirt without thinking about the whole outfit. I love textures and block colours, its all about the fabrics for me and I think thats where I follow my gut and create things I wish I had in my wardrobe or my girlfriends would wear!
Other than absolutely stunning clothes what else does Bruug represent to you?
The main thing I wanted to achieve was a brand that provided local and stylish clothes. Its a go-to brand that is showing that Perth girls can do it! 
What would be your favourite hangout and secret spots around Perth?
That's tricky since I've become a nanna these days! But I'd say Tarts Cafe in Northbridge would be my favourite spot just to sit in the cosy chair and just drink coffee all day. Bib and Tucker has the most amazing mushroom bruschetta that I have become obsessed with lately. Look, to be honest if my girlfriends read this they will never forgive me if I don't admit that I am a real hip-hop kind of girl and need a dance you might find me at the Deen or Metro City. Some times you just need a dance!
We're not judging we may have had a few too many nights at Clubba
Oh Clubba, as long as your shoes don't get too stuck to the floor its a great night!
Is there an event or exhibition that you are looking forward to at the moment?
Well STM is going to be doing shows every month with retailers next year which is awesome, they are going to be really enjoyable. And my Launch is just around the corner for spring summer! But I am really excited about the launch because I am also doing a kids line which is really special to me because 10% of all proceeds will go towards the cardiac unit at Princess Margret Hospital for the life of the business.  
In your wardrobe, what would be your most prized piece?
My Gucci Shoes! I purchased them for the wedding and designed the whole thing around them! They've only been used once but are a burnt orange and were amazing. I also have a Zhivago lather cape, that I brought a few years ago and wear it to death! The poor girls at Zhivago must be sick of seeing it, but its incredible. 
What can you not live without?
Well without shamefully promoting myself, the Bruug clutch is my life saver! I can just put everything in it, my laptop included! 
Is there a quote or mantra that you live by at the moment?
If your dreams don't scare you they're not big enough. I think I actually read it on Rhianna's Instagram and I think everyone no matter what you are doing thats what you should aim for. 
Now as we are sure you must be dying to go visit the amazing face behind Bruug and best of all snap up some pretty things... Where to find Bruug! Its Located on the second floor of carillon city in perth. So do you, and your wardrobe a favour and go into Bruug!





(Image credit: Louisa Miller, Kai Ridley)
(Bruug definition: Bruug website)

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