What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

A Case for Weekday Drinking.

Small bars hold a special place in the hearts of Australians, a sentiment that is echoed worldwide. Usually run by people who are passionate about the hospitality business it is a great way of getting to know local superstars and support their dreams.

The problem with a weekend bar hop is that it is usually crazy busy and by the time you fight your way to the front of the line you are wanting to place your order as quickly as possible and get back to your friends. There is no time to have a chat with the bartender about what is new and exciting or ask him what he recommends for your next tipple.

A good bar tender, much like a good date always knows the right thing to say. By letting them know what you usually like (or don’t like) they can give you something new and exciting to try and expand your horizons away from the same old SSB you always order. Heading out during the week is fun and playful and you will come away with a greater understanding and appreciation of your local gems.

We spoke with local bartender, Hugh Brook, on what it is like to work at one of Perth’s best bars.

What is something few people realise about working behind the bar?
The relationships you build with your customers. Most of us have our regulars who trust us to serve them something they will like - it’s fun for us when we get some creative license.

What's the weirdest thing anyone has said or done to you while working?
You want an honest answer?
A woman once pulled me aside and put her tongue in my ear to say thank you for her drink!

Your go to drink and why?
The Negroni is a great anytime drink! It works for all occasions , even breakfast!

What should we never ask our bartenders?
1. Can you make me a good drink?
2. Can you make my friend a Birthday shot?
3. Do you sell Jaeger?

What do you love about Perth's bar scene?
I love that we have owners who are not afraid to take a risk with an idea - it’s really innovative and exciting.

This week leave the weekend crowds behind and hit your local - you won’t be sorry. City of Perth is running a Let’s Thursday campaign with Perth’s best bars to provide special deals and freebies every Thursday in February.

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