Are Dress Codes Obsolete?

Anything but white to a wedding, black to a funeral, as little as possible to Coachella - these are the unspoken and inherent guidelines that govern our dress and decide what is appropriate to wear for our daily activity. Yet some invitations still come with a dress code - but for what?

Even within specifically prescribed guidelines there are spectacular fails - we have personally witnessed both a full length white dress and jeans with a flannelette shirt at a wedding which while mildly amusing to witness caused no harm and no one was really bothered.

Style is a funny thing - no two people wear something the same and we each interpret these learnt guidelines differently. For example while we would think activewear is most appropriate for bike riding, Style Goddess; Catherine Baba is frequently seen getting around in heels and fur on her daily whip.

Given that fashion is the ultimate in self expression and taking into account the fact that we live in the days where Vetements and the dress sneaker reign supreme giving people a dress code could be more likely to instil panic and self doubt that what they WERE going to wear is not ok (nb: it's fine, chill).

At the end of the day it's all about how you feel. If you want to wear flats to a ball so you can dance the night away then you go Glen Coco! If you want to wear your new Gucci dress to a smart casual gathering who (or what) is a dress code to stop you? If you feel wonderful in it that will show through in how you wear it which is ultimately the best dress code of them all.

(Title image: Kai Ridley, Article Image: Bike Pretty.)

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