What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Facials and Why They are Essential.


Getting pampered - it's something we all love but sometimes it seems crazy to take the time away from our busy lives to indulge in something that isn't seen as essential.

However a close friend who also happens to be a doctor of sorts recently gave the sound advice that making time to pamper ourselves is integral to our health. Well, not in those exact words but she is a huge advocate of taking time out to recharge so I think she would have thoroughly approved when Bodhi J Spa invited us to take some time out in their stunning Pier Street retreat.

Monday mornings are usually the worst time of the week but we found ourselves feeling calmer already as we entered through the converted stables into the zen surroundings of the spa. Once inside you would never know the CBD was on your doorstep as we were transported into an alternate universe of sorts where we locked away our phones (not going to lie - this caused us addicts slight anxiety) and donned robes before entering our treatment room.

The treatments began with a simple breathing exercise aided by essential oils to centre us and help aid relaxation. Holly then experienced the Sodashi Pure Radiance Facial which after a weekend in Bali she felt really hydrated her skin.

Lou had the Sodashi Thermal Infusing Facial which was an experience. Starting out like a regular facial before having a thermal activated mud mask placed on her face it was a tiny bit claustrophobic as you are unable to move your face but well worth it for the brightening results so just relax into it and enjoy the hand and foot massages to distract you.

After the facials we were treated to tea and fresh fruit before leaving Bodhi J Spa with glowing skin and feeling much more centred and ready to tackle the week. We all take on a million things and try to be everything to ever one but it is so important to take the time to nourish ourselves inside and out so listen to the good doctor and book yourself in a break now, you deserve it!


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