Is OTT the New Normcore?

Vogue defines Normcore as "a collective, neutral blandness- eschewing obvious markers of luxury and distinctive style." Normcore has been the fashion world's bread and butter over the last few years where it was hip to dress down and nonchlance towards style was favoured.

Like any fashion obsessed girls we have been watching the fashion offerings presented over the last month in New York, London, Milan and Paris and attending shows on our own home soil. The overarching theme over everything that popped for us was the crazy combinations of colour, texture and layering being sent down the runways. It seems after being immersed in a monochrome dream the last few years fashion is blossoming into technicolour gloriousness.

With spring finally in the air we are embracing our inner Edina Monsoon and going all Ab Fab crazy over this new season and so with respect to Coco Chanel and her advice we think it is the perfect time to look in the mirror before you leave for the day and add AT LEAST one more thing to your outfit before stepping out to tackle your day!

(Images from InDigital via Vogue.)

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