When you think of jeans the thought doesn’t just evoke one image, the term covers a wide range of colours, cuts and style. No other item is so universally unifying – show me someone who doesn’t have a pair of jeans and I will show you a liar.

However jeans are secretly probably the original item stolen from our boyfriend’s wardrobes. Back in the day a little town in Italy formulated fabric we now know and love as denim and marketed it as ideally durable for farmers and miners. The US also made denim prevalent by making it part of a soldiers off duty uniform and providing denim pants to factory workers during the war. I can only imagine girls (as girls do) then got their hot little hands on a pair and decided they were the bomb and the rest is history.

Nothing saves more bad outfit days than the humble jeans. Whether you pull on your favourite pair of boyfriends to run errands or slink into your super sexy black skinny for THAT date night the jean can transform our outfit and along with it, our confidence in an instant.

So next time you are staring at your wardrobe thinking you have ABSOLUTELY nothing to wear thank your badass sisters of yesteryear for their forward thinking fashion sense and bust out your favourite jeans for a surefire outfit fix.

All Images by Kai Ridley.

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