What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

Dressing Up Gets a Dressing Down.

There was a time in my youth that before a night out my friends and I would spend hours getting ready in the bathroom with glasses of Riccadonna and teasing combs. Pending the consumption rate of said Riccadonna this exercise sometimes outlasted the time actually spent out some weekends. Indeed, dressing up is a time honoured tradition that has been indulged in for centuries, if not since the invention of clothing for mankind.

Be it dressing to show off social status, wealth or even our bodies, the ritual of dressing up has been a mainstay in our society through the ages however there seems to be a shift in this attitude. More and more, casual wear is accepted in formal settings and comfort is seen as sexy, not lazy. In a world where we rarely switch off, maybe this shift has happened as a result of a lack of time to get ready as we race from day job to night event or maybe we are all just catching up with the effortless and easy style of our more established European cousins but whatever it is, I am loving it.

A slinky maxi with a sneaker or denim with a blazer can add more oomph to your outfit when done right than a blingy necklace ever could. By investing in quality classics and high impact pieces you can still look a million dollars without the discomfort of spanx and double sided tape.

See our picks below for looks that will make you look chic and put together so indulge in a little comfort while taking dressing up down a notch.

(All images by Kai Ridley)

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