What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

The Fashion Choices Hated By Men.

In writing this article it felt a little bit like delving into the secrets sealed behind Dolly Doctor, questioning what really goes on in the mysterious mind of my darling fiancé.  It's a common held principle amongst girlfriends, that when strutting out in your new outfit it's met with excitement and applause. However the same cannot be said with men, their somewhat puzzled and then mildly repulsed reactions to new purchases is always amusing albeit slightly disheartening. My favourite reaction will always be "why are you wearing a wizard's coat?" when referring to a long sleeve velvet dress that I thought was perfect for a night out in NYC. In contrast, I've had a string of compliments from ladies asking where it's from and each time they do I imagine my fiancé's face looking horrified at their appreciation of Gandalf's get up. 

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From man repelling to being girl appreciated there has been many names thrown around to describe the style choices disliked by the other sex, and looking at the new multi coloured frill dress in my wardrobe, it's a hot guess that it's likely to be a prime candidate. However turns out it was a hit! I know, I too was anticipating the clown comparisons but sadly we will never know. Whilst I wish I could sit here and tell you just what went right for the frill dress, it's confusing me as much as overalls on grown women do men. There is no telling what will go down a treat and what will remain in their eyes a halloween costume. If you're feeling it, we say strut that Brenton stripe and ignore the Where's Wally jokes. So lesson learned, boys will remain a mystery and all that can be assured is that their descriptions of fashion will never cease to amaze and entertain. 

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