The Good, The Bad & The Classics.

Should it always be a classic if you’re going to need to sell a kidney for it to be part of your wardrobe?

Here at The Boyfriend Shirt, we’re big supporters of treating yourself, but also tend to couple it with the sound advice handed down from Nannas all over the world - if it’s expensive it should be a classic. However a climate where fashion trends are falling by the wayside and sporting your own unique style is the king of trend forecasting has us wondering who decides what a classic piece is and what makes those pieces worth the extra couple of pay cheques?

The past few seasons has seen Gucci become the superstar of street style, and we jumped right on that bandwagon, picking up a pair of the coveted mules.

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Whilst the excitement of new shoes is hard to beat my jaw dropped to the ground when I saw the rock god of Gucci items, the Goat Hair Slippers. Now, no offence intend to Gucci (because as stated above, we’re big lovers of the brand’s rejuvenation) but these fuzzy sliders just had me scratching my head. Named as THE hot item on countless style blogs, there they were before me in all their long-haired glory but all I could do was giggle and then try and look composed after seeing their price tag. 

If these were the new cult classic I had clearly lost any style savviness I thought I had had. But then something happened - and I found myself wondering if I am calling the kettle black. Is a gold heart shaped handbag a classic? Objectively probably not, it’s definitely a seasonal piece but it had me at hello. The whimsical and playful exterior stamped with Hedi SIimane's last collection made me weak at the knees and I splashed out.

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The bag's appeal and lust-worthy shape is what made it a classic to me - and sure it’s not a Chanel 2.55 or a pair of black Louboutins but once upon a time Coco & red-soled shoes were real game changers and people questioned their style worthiness.

So next time you are contemplating what makes something a classic, perhaps it really is as simple as something you will treasure, regardless of the naysayers. So we say cheers to those fluffy Gucci’s!

The Boyfriend Shirt Perth Fashion Blog

Image of The Boyfriend Shirt at MBFWA credit to Vogue Australia

The last image was taken by Kai Ridley 

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