The Investment Chanel.

A few months ago we were chatting about whether retail therapy was a real thing, turns out dropping dollars really does make you genuinely happy. And this just in:  not only can shopping replace your therapist it can also cut out your investment banker! A recent study brought tears to our eyes announcing that investing in a Chanel bag has been returning a 70% increase the last 5 years. That's better than the stock market & housing industry. Ladies, we're not kidding. 

Swear On Chanel Sex and The City

So whilst we can hear the thousands of husbands and boyfriends groaning in protest, we think it's pretty damn encouraging after all now we have stats to rebut their resentment to max out another credit card. OK, so we don't support buying beyond your means and maybe the traditional ways of investing are still a good place to start; but it does give grounds to stop the fast fashion race and look towards pieces that are more likely to appreciate in price or stand the test of time.  There is something a little special about saving your pennies and purchasing an item that you can hold in your own two hands and really cherish. Whether you plan to sell it on in a few years for a profit, or never let it out of your sight and be buried with it (let's be honest you worked hard for that boy bag), it's nice to be able to tell your mother you're still being somewhat responsible with your money. 

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