What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

The Power of Fashion

prabul gurung the boyfriend shirt

Last year there was a lot of conversation about whether or not the fashion show was defunct, a relic from the days before internet and the ‘need it now’ consumer philosophy however this fashion month has been more than the sum of its parts and has delivered in more ways than we could ever imagine. 

From the Americana patriotism of Tommy Hilfiger and the bold political statements of Prabal Gurung (amongst many others at NYFW) to the childish delight of the furry everything at Miu Miu, the collective fashion world has evolved and raised their voices to promote an agenda of empowerment, tolerance and acceptance.

miu miu the boyfriend shirt

This month also marks the first edition of Vogue Arabia with Gigi Hadid on the cover. Hadid, as one of the hottest girls of the season may seem like an obvious choice but her Palestinian heritage makes her an interesting statement. Juxtaposing her recent stint on the Victoria’s Secret runway with the stunningly styled Vogue images, in which she wears various hijabs and veils says to us that the fashion world, a mindboggling diverse industry with power that politicians could only dream about, is taking a stand. 

Gigi Hadid vogue cover the boyfriend shirt

This season we have seen more than just good shows, we have seen this power being used as a conduit for equality, making a statement and inspiring us in a world where many of us have felt scared and uncertain. To see the smiles of delight at the purple furry set Miu Miu created took away the worries of the world, if not just for the duration of the show. Chanel was a dream with Karl Lagerfeld bringing our age 5 obsessions with all things shiny and glittery into our adult reality. Even the most cynical (and sleep deprived) fashion week veterans were opened mouthed in awe at the crazy galactic adventure Chanel took them on and it reminded us that the fashion industry is now more powerful than ever. 

Chanel 2017 the boyfriend shirt

This month, the fashion community banded together in a myriad of different ways to make us feel empowerment, unbridled wonder and delight and reminded us that it isn’t all doom and gloom because this world we live in is sometimes pretty magical.

prabul gurung the boyfriend shirt

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