The Shows MBFWA.

With 17 shows in 5 days, it was one big week. With highlights from Bec & Bridge, Dyspnea and Vale denim it was hard to pick our standout shows.

There is something truly breathtaking about Steven Kahil's pieces after a somewhat questionable showing last year the designer came back and took our breath away. Walking into a Marie Antonette inspired set filled with chandeliers and a staircase of ombre flowers we knew we were in for a treat. Whilst Kahil is known for his evening wear, this year's designs had a sophistication and air of grace teamed with seasonal trends such as gem colours and embellishments which elevated the brand to a new level. 

Oh Macgraw. Nothing makes our heart beat faster than ladylike trends sent down the runway with the backing track of Nicki Minaj's Monster. Presented as the 'Love Letter', the Macgraw sisters had an incredible year after being awarded the National Designer Award and the Australian Woolmark Prize. A true highlight, other than the consistently amazing designs, was the direction for models to smile. Perfectly juxtaposed to the beats being played and ladylike silhouettes there was a touch of mischief in the best way.

Finally the third, and possibly the best but least recognised moment of the week. The Innovators, it's always a joy to watch and support the upcoming designers showcasing their graduate collections but the looks on their loved one's faces are, even more, special and heartwarming. The house lights dimmed and there was a hush amongst the crowd as the anticipation grew for the opening look, however, all of a sudden a flash camera was set off in the crowd. Now normal show courtesy would suggest you didn't use a flash but sitting across from us was an elderly couple dressed in their Sunday best with the biggest smiles on their faces - camera poised ready. As what we assume was their granddaughter's collection was sent out the elderly man diligently took a photo of every look, with the exception of the swimwear to be polite. Concluding with them giving the most enthusiastic clap of fashion week, it was a touching reminder of where many of our most loved brands began and the support and hard work from all of those behind the scene that makes these collections so spectacular. 

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