What is The Boyfriend Shirt?
What is The Boyfriend Shirt?

The Next Book You NEED to Read.


puppy, australian fashion blogger, the boyfriend shirtWhat a time to be alive! Gone are the days of the lifetime career and with new jobs being invented every day we are constantly reassessing what it is that we are meant to be doing with our lives. Being no exception to this, I recently quit my corporate job that I had spent 5 years studying for to see if I could live in a more fulfilled way.

Because my parents and husband are 10/10 humans, instead of freaking out that I was ruining my life (at least to my face) they were very supportive and over coffee one day my mother pushed a book across the table saying that she had seen a girl about my age reading it and making notes and so thought maybe it was something I could use. Call it mother's intuition or a fluke but she was absolute right (as usual) and I loved it so much we knew we had to share it with you. Read on below as we present our first instalment of TBFS Book Club AKA:


(Accurate representation of TBFS book club.)

Written by Rod Jenkins, who lectures at St Martin's College when he isn't consulting for some of the top companies in the world, 'The Art of Creative Thinking' challenges the reader to leave any notions of how things are meant to be done at the door and open their mind to what could be.

The Art of Creative Thinking by Rod Judkins.

Whether you are a corporate gun or a creative free spirit I cannot emphasis enough how much you need this book. Turning the traditional way of thinking (and reading) on it's head, Judkins presents the world to us in a different way and it is one of the most inspiring things I have ever read. There are lessons and advice for all your creative needs but I have narrowed down the 5 that resonated with me the most.


1. Doubt Everything: If we don't doubt ourselves and question the status quo you can never uncover new ideas.

2. Break It: Strive for imperfection. Allow yourself to explore the options instead of doing it the way it has always been done and you might find something new.

3. Competition is Good: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates used their rivalry to innovate some of this century's best accomplishments. Use your rivals to stay hungry and lift your game.

4. Relearn to Play: Children explore the world without knowing the right or wrong way of doing things. Give your inner child the freedom to play and do things for the joy of discovery, not the end result.

5. Collaborate: Let your success be the success of others and vice versa. While competition is good, nothing is gained by being selfish and protectionist. Sharing knowledge allows you to build of each other's ideas to create something more meaningful.


What would you like to see us review next on READING BETWEEN THE WINES? Drop us an email and let us know if there is a book we absolutely have to have in our lives!





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