Why Creativity is Good for the Soul.

As a kid we are taught to draw, sing, dance and express ourselves however something changes and we have to grow up and make responsible choices for a serious future. This creative spark falls by the wayside and becomes something we ‘used to do’ however keeping that spark alive could just be the key to happiness – no matter if you are an accountant or a doctor and everything in between.

As a young professional I wish my lecturers would have told me that corporate life can sometimes include a cheeky cry in the toilets but for us finding a creative outlet is crucial in balancing out the tougher days.

Having that outlet allows people, even serious, super successful people who never have to wear odd socks to work (i.e. not us), to ‘play’ which, in its adult form, is having a hobby. So many of our friends and family say they don’t have the time or the energy for a hobby but finding that one thing you do purely for the joy of it is so invaluable to connect to your ‘real self’. Quite often, people find themselves as being defined by their role at work, and whilst climbing the corporate ladder gives you satisfaction and is an accomplishment it is sometimes hard if you feel that it is all that you are. Finding a creative outlet allows you to connect with the world in different ways and enrich your life.

We are constantly inspired and motivated by the amazing people who we have the privilege to meet  and 'pinch me' moments we have had on our blogging adventure and so whether it is a book club, a knitting class or even just drawing in your diary for the hell of it make the effort to reconnect with that inner child and let them play – they know how to make you happy.

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